Managed ICT

Our managed ICT solutions maintain the high standards demanded by today's businesses, incorporating rigorous service management standards, a single help-desk, proactive monitoring, capacity planning, governance and project management, all under a single service level agreement. Our areas of service include managed telephony, networks, desktops, servers and hosting. At JLIT we know the name of the game is up-time, find out how our managed services can help you avoid costly down-time.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

JLIT's Data Continuum™ product offers peace of mind to organisations of all sizes. With business continuity features like encrypted off-site backups ensure that you are protected from such threats as theft, hardware failure and natural disasters. The product also has varied disaster recovery features that allow your critical systems to be restored to an operational state in record time - no matter the disaster. Find out how Data Continuum is able to let you compute with confidence.

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